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Off to Montreal

After a whirlwind trip to Florida to consult with a company that will bring true organic lawn care to that state, I flew home last night long enough to change a couple of diapers, hug my wife and pack for Montreal. In little more than an hour, Brett Plymale will pull into my driveway to begin the six-hour drive to Montreal, where our film, A Chemical Reaction, will screen its World Premiere tonight, tomorrow and Monday.

The Montreal Gazette gave the film four out of five stars, which was our first official review. I’d say that’s fair. I probably wouldn’t give us an A for anything other than effort, either. We could have done more with an actual budget! The Gazette came out with another article this morning and the local Hudson Gazette had a couple of articles about the movie, including a heart-felt piece about the heroine of our movie, Dr. June Irwin. This media coverage is exactly why we made the film in the first place . . . the idea is to get people talking.

The editor of the Hudson Gazette, Jim Duff, sent me a sneak preview of a Letter to the Editor that will run in his paper next week. From a clear chemical industry lobbyist, the letter criticizes the article about Dr. Irwin as twisting the true facts about lawn chemicals.

Brett and I are just waiting for the barrage from the chemical industry. Some of our friends and family tell us they are in fear for our safety, imagining the chemical industry might attempt a more harsh retribution than just a Letter to the Editor. Anything is possible, but I’m guessing the movie will simply elevate the war of words that has gone on about pesticides for decades.

And, at the end of it all, if we elevate the dialogue about this issue, we’ll have achieved our goal. It really comes down to this: Home Depot in Canada doesn’t sell Roundup and weed ‘n feed due to health concerns expressed by Canadian citizens and physicians. Why does Home Depot still sell them here?

PS: Save the dates, our screenings at the Camden International Film Festival in Maine will be Oct. 3 and our official US Premiere at the Ft. Lauderdale festival will be Nov. 9.

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