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Interested in a Movie Screening?

Do you want to see our movie, A Chemical Reaction?

Dozens of people have visited either or YouTube, watched the trailer, and then contacted the director, Brett Plymale, about obtaining a copy of the movie for screening in their community or to their group. We’re thrilled when that happens, but we do have to be judicious in saying yes. For now. Our plan is to enter film festivals, many of which want to be the first (the premiere, if you will) to show the movie in their state.

We are allowing a limited number of “private screenings” as fundraisers. We need to raise a lot of money quickly to finish the film and get it ready for the festivals. If you have a group that would be interested in helping us with a fundraiser, please contact the director, Brett Plymale, at and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Folks can help the movie cause by either making a tax deductible donation to the SafeLawns Foundation, or they can invest in the movie itself, through a limited liability company. Brett can provide the details.

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