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Good Morning America Fertilizer Segment

If you checked out the segment on Good Morning America that was co-produced by on Friday, July 24, these are the products that were mentioned:

1) Dr. Earth —

2) Bradfield Organics —

3) Bradfield Organics —
Both of these brands, although now national in distribution, evolved from homemade recipes in two men’s garages. Milo Shammas developed the Dr. Earth brand in 1991 in California. Meanwhile, in Missouri, Bob Scott was coming up with the idea for Bradfield Organics. His neighbor turned out to be an employee of Purina Mills and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Paul Tukey

An international leader of the green movement, Mr. Tukey is a journalist, author, filmmaker, TV host, activist and award-winning public speaker, who is widely recognized as North America's leading advocate for landscape sustainability and toxic pesticide reduction strategies.

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  • Scott Morgan

    I saw the segment on GMA, but actually through this link from Huffington Post that unfortunately made fun of it and I think implied to readers that he’s eating manure. Very unfortunate:

    I submitted a comment and I’d advise anybody who reads your blog to do the same. Maybe I’m just peeved right now and it’s not that big a deal, but I just really dislike when anybody glosses over facts.

    • Paul Tukey

      Sam was eating corn gluten meal, for the record.

      I’m of the opinion that almost any publicity is good publicity. If people ask the question, “What was Sam eating?” that’s a good thing, right?

      • Scott Morgan

        Right. :)

  • Thomas Ewers

    That was hilarious. I have gone organic based partly on this site and others. Not global warming nut but common sense says the soil and lawn should be alive and my kids and pets will no doubt benefit. I have questioned my puppy recently having some not firm stool and started after summer fert with insect control.

    No more. No more chems for me.

  • Joe

    We’re missing the point if we’re trying to get homeowners and professionals to go 100% organic. Not sure that’s a realistic goal. Get them to try it, especially during the dogs days of summer when ambient temps and humidity are high. We need to create the story that organics are feeding the soil, driving microbial activity and improving soil structure, which in turn helps create healthier root mass and more efficient nutrient uptake by the turf.

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