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Get Your Grass off Gas on Good Morning America!

In April, launched its campaign titled Get Your Grass off Gas to encourage homeowners with average or small lawns to consider swapping out their gasoline mowers for an alternative. The campaign will get a major boost this Thursday, July 2, when the national morning show Good Morning America features SafeLawns’ selection of several alternative mowers. Manufacturers include The American Lawn Mower Company, Black & Decker, Brill and Ariens. Please tune in between 7 and 9 a.m. Eastern time! And look for more posts on this subject back here later this week.

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Paul Tukey

An international leader of the green movement, Mr. Tukey is a journalist, author, filmmaker, TV host, activist and award-winning public speaker, who is widely recognized as North America's leading advocate for landscape sustainability and toxic pesticide reduction strategies.

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  • Todd Akerley

    Last year I purchased a Sears Craftsman push reel mower, old school style mower. My yard is half an acre and I use it. My wife and I also just recently bought my wife’s sister one for a house warming gift. The one @ our house is great. My wife and 3 kids love pushing it, cutting the grass. I get tons of looks and comments from people walking by. Hey, no gas, its quiet and good excersize.

  • Charlene Farnham

    The Black and Decker Cordless CMM1200 I purchased a couple of years ago is so easy to start and a joy to use.I like that it requires no gas,makes little noise,
    and maneuvers effortlessly.

  • Luis Molina

    Hi, Paul. First of all, let me just say it is an honor to talk with you. I have read your book about Organic Gardening and am very impressed with both its content and writing style (I am a former student of language!)

    I know this goes against the grain of your promoting gas-free mowing, but as reel mowers are also better for grass than reel mowers, I wonder why there aren’t more gas- or electric-powered reel mowers on the market. Is there some sort of technological challenge around that?

    I used a push-reel mower for a few years while mowing my 1/4 acre lawn in Minnesota. I echo another poster’s comments — great exercise and talking piece! However, now that I have graduated to a 1 acre lawn, a push mower is no longer so practical. I love the action of reel — such a clean cut — but for practical purposes, would prefer a powered engine. Any thoughts on this issue would be much appreciated.

    I will be tuning in to GMA tomorrow! Good luck!

  • Paul Tukey

    Check I’m quite sure they have an electric reel mower among their offerings. You can find a gas model, but you’ll need to shop at a professional supplies store. Gas models are usually purchased by golf course professionals.

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  • Lotus

    I am surprised the website/company above ( still lists and features the Brand “Sunlawn”, on the website. Sunlawn is Out of business. I was one of hundreds of customers purposefully mislead by Sunlawn in their repeated promises to honor warranties for their reel mowers. There are a ton of complaints on the Better Business Bureau’s website and elsewhere.

    While I am a full supporter of conservation, organic measures and safe products, I do not support them at the sake of doing business with dishonest companies and unfair practices. I am completely hesitant to give my business to a start-up company after the experience, regardless of the mission.

    Yet, I still have hope for brand names/long-established companies bringing alternative and safe products to the market. I am also glad to have resources like this forum to learn and compare.

  • Andy

    Hi Lotus.

    This is a great opportunity for us! I am honored to say that we continue to provide warranty parts for Sunlawn mowers purchased from our company. We are not compensated in any way from Sunlawn and have supported customers at our own expense. It is nice to have the opportunity to publicly share this information about

    To date we will continue to provide free warranty parts and service until all available parts are out of stock. It is unfortunate that the Sunlawn brand may have ended with a few rough edges, but please do not overlap this with We are here to help our customers.


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