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Film Review: The Truth About Cats & Dogs & Lawn Chemicals

I heard about a movie that was going to sweep the nation off its collective feet a couple of years ago from an excitable radio host who specializes in pet care. In a perfect world, every pet owner in America would watch “The Truth About Cats, Dogs & Lawn Chemicals” and immediately forsake their Turf Builder Plus 2 and Roundup forever.

This isn’t a perfect world, of course, and the movie has been viewed by about 2,500 people on YouTube, where it can be viewed FOR FREE! Twenty-five hundred people. That’s a sad commentary on something.

And I certainly don’t want to be critical of the film. I have spoken with the filmmakers and they’ve been absolutely gracious. Like the rest of us lawn care activists, they struggle for funds, for an audience, for stamina. Something that seems so plainly cruel and obvious to us — that lawn chemicals make our kids and pets sick, or worse — just doesn’t seem to be obvious to the rest of the world.

The movie is only about 19 minutes long, barely enough content to fill a half-hour show with commercials, so you ought to take the time to watch it. They have chosen to take a light-hearted approach to a very serious subject and, as a filmmaker myself (, I know there’s always that debate about how to treat subjects like illness, poisoning, pollution and even death. Hitting those issues head on can make your movie a total downer. Trying to inject humor, though, can leave people with the feeling that you’re not taking your subject seriously. Maybe that’s a problem in “The Truth About Cats, Dogs & Lawn Chemicals.” I’m not sure.

I do know that if you care about your pets and the planet, this great little film is well worth 19 minutes of your time. Check it out and let me know what you think:

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