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Autism Once Again Linked to Pesticides

Scientists at the University of California-Davis released a study this week that suggests environmental changes including pesticides are likely at the root of the increase in autism.

“It’s time to start looking for the environmental culprits responsible for the remarkable increase in the rate of autism in California,” said Irva Hertz-Picciotto, an epidemiology professor at University of California, Davis who led the study.

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Paul Tukey

An international leader of the green movement, Mr. Tukey is a journalist, author, filmmaker, TV host, activist and award-winning public speaker, who is widely recognized as North America's leading advocate for landscape sustainability and toxic pesticide reduction strategies.

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  • Thomas Ewers

    Figures… I had put down bug control last year (before dog) and fert+weed and fert+insect control this year my first actually concerned with trying to improve my lawn. Dog seems to be slowly be getting better again with the runs and me I am off to Organics.

    Chemicals are out. Looks like just in time. At least I am doing my part.

    Even discussed this with a friend a fellow hard core conservative and we both seem to think very aggressive study should be done and if a link is found this stuff (herbicide/pesticides) should be banned. This is a consumer (heck even NON-Consumer as your neighbor can get you) safety nightmare.

    This condition is just not fair to the individual affected or their families to be an allowable side effect of a product. This needs a answer today, OK it is late already, can we have one next week?

  • Paul Tukey

    Our hope is that when people see our movie, A Chemical Reaction, it will elevate the dialogue about this lawn care issue and that the U.S. will begin to take some of the actions that Canada has taken. Check out for a review of some of the issues involved.

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